This website brings a little interactivity with it.
This page gives an overview of the available controls.
The controls
Click and drag the background to move the whole page, doubleclick it to reset its position.

Content windows
Click and drag content windows at the top to move them around.
Clicking a content window will bring it to the front, so overlaps are no problem.

Click and drag the lower right corner of a content window to change its size.
This is a CSS 3 feature and works best in Mozilla Firefox, where you can also doubleclick that corner or size windows smaller than they originally were.
In Google Chrome, that reset-doubleclick and the sizing of those content windows smaller unfortunately don't work.
In a topical version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, this doesn't work at all. If you are using IE, I recommend removing that joke application and installing an internet browser instead.

Decorative background items can be moved around, too.
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