Hey there!

image I'm Shrinker, I was born in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, (East) Germany in 1987.

I've attended the local grammar school in Rövershagen and finished the then 13 year school time in 12.

Then, without the compulsory military service after getting my Abitur in 2006, I've started to work for a little research company "A&T" and to study at the University of Rostock. Since the 14th of February 2011 I'm with a local software company.

In March 2011 I've majored in computer science after 9 semesters, with computer graphics as my specialization and engineering as my secondary subject.

As of 2018, I feel proficient with the following programming systems: Haskell (my love), C, C++ 0x, C#/.Net, Java 7, OpenGL, GLSL, HTML 5, ECMA-262 "JavaScript", Oracle PL/SQL, Win32 API

I feel at home in these fields: Game engines and game modding, language analysis (parsing), compiler construction, static code analysis, linear algebra, vector and raster graphics, level generation

Because of my day job, I am proficient in: Oracle database programming all around, QFS QF-Test test automation (project lead)

I mainly communicate in English, my mother tongue is German. I know very little Russian and picked up a few French phrases.
I like visiting my friends in other countries... I've been to England and Finland a bunch of times, and to France once so far. Finland in the Winter rocks!

I volunteer for the Eurofurence e.V. organization's "Eurofurence" convention and am part of their puppetry team.

Game development credits:
See you!
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